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Bühler Motor´s first virtual fair

23. Nov. – 26. Nov. 2020

CEO Mark Furtwängler explains how we are dealing with the changes we are all currently facing. Get an overview of who we are, in which markets we are represented and what we can do for you as a system supplier for drive solutions.


Andreas Welzenbach, Head of Global Sales and Marketing Industrial Drive Solutions gives a brief overview of the services you can expect from his Industrial Drive Solutions team. Let us show you how our motors drive your life 24/7.

Who we are.

Across the world, Bühler Motor is synonymous with high-quality electric drive technology. Our expertise reaches far beyond DC and BLDC motors, gear motors and pumps. We combine our in-depth knowledge of mechatronics, sensors and actuators so that we can successfully develop and manufacture individually customized drives. We specialize in the automotive industry, healthcare and aviation, plus many other industrial applications.
With 11 sites on three continents and our own prototyping, simulation and test laboratories, we focus on the successful completion of your project.

Industrial Drive Solutions

MedTech Solutions

Automotive Solutions


Industrial Drive Solutions

Wherever you want to move something specifically, accurately and reliably, drive solutions from Bühler Motor are the first choice. Lifting, lowering, turning, driving, steering, adjusting – our customers can count on a mechatronic drive solution that is perfectly tailored to them. Our focus is on modifying standard-based drives for the individual requirements of our customers.

MedTech Solutions

The healthcare applications of the future will depend on the seamless, reliable interaction of innovative, intelligent
and networked drive systems.
Bühler Motor is well placed to deal with the challenges of the healthcare sector.

Automotive Solutions

We move the future. With intelligent drive solutions that improve performance through their innovative power and dynamics. Here, Bühler Motor is on hand as a system supplier for individual solutions in the automobile industry. Tuned to its customers’ needs and quickly integrated into production.


For airlines, the comfort and ergonomics of aircraft seats is an important differentiating factor which ensures high passenger satisfaction. Our products allow aircraft seats to be operated conveniently, simply and quietly.

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Tailor-made –
just for you.

bMotion is Bühler Motor’s initiative for a completely innovative platform of new DC motors, gear boxes, brakes and encoders. Within this platform Bühler Motor offers pre-validated market specific combinations.


Building Automation

Elevator doors,
building doors,
platform screen doors,
locking devices



Steps, train doors,
bus doors



Seed planters,



Various applications e.g.
postal sorting, packaging
machines, dispensing


Medical Equipment

Infusion pumps,
medical tables,
dental chairs,
patient lifts

We’re here for you.

We are happy to meet you here!

Faster, easier and safer to the optimal drive solution.


Arno Schieweck, Global Product Manager, Industrial Drive Solutions, explains the unique selling points of our bMotion drive platform. bMotion is not only a modular drive platform that combines motors, gearboxes, encoders and brakes. bMotion is designed from the outset for a maximum variety of variants, this creates solutions that are prepared for all possible requirements.

Prefer self-service?

Do you prefer to go shopping? Then we invite you to browse through our products. Do you still need advice? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Since 2008, Channel Account Manager Nadine Heiter has been responsible for Bühler Motor’s European partners. In this video, she shows the outstanding role 21 sales partners worldwide play in our international network for joint growth.

Reading Corner

We write for you.

Current projects, innovative approaches and more than just a look behind the scenes: that’s what you can expect from our blog. This is where the makers themselves write – about their challenges, their approaches to solutions and the background. Check it out. We are looking forward to your comments.

More than just a product

Applications are becoming more advanced and product requirements more complex. A customer-focused organization and solution-oriented consultation have become the most important aspects of doing business and in establishing long-term relationships.

A Product for Every Need

Everyone knows that Buehler Motor offers High Performance DC Motors and Gear Motors for Competitive Prices with World-Class Service. What you may not know is the classes of products we offer. Buehler Motor offers three classes of products.

An innovative drive concept for micro-mobility

Urbanization, traffic chaos, and air pollution are acute problems of this decade which call for alternative drive solutions that are integral to zero-emission mobility concepts.

We regulate it for you.

Intelligent drive controllers from Bühler Motors are the perfect complement to DC and EC motors, providing you with complete drive solutions for motion control that deliver top-notch performance.

Modern production – State of the art

Sometimes, as a project manager in the Industrial segment, I envy my colleagues from the Automotive segment. Not necessarily when it comes to their tight schedules or price pressures, but what I find enviable are the detailed specifications of products and, from an industrial perspective, the enormous production volumes their projects represent.

One pump isn’t like another

Pumps can vary widely in their technical construction. There are centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, rotary pumps, peristaltic pumps, and many more. The requirements vary for different markets which can be very challenging.

Engineering by Bühler Motor

We are often asked how Bühler Motor differs from the competition. Naturally, this is a very difficult question to answer, so instead I prefer to explain our understanding of engineering and how we work.

Not just for roller conveyors

Electric drives are the core of intralogistics. They move and guide the flow of goods through state-of-the-art distribution centers and warehouses. The reliability of these drives assumes top priority, because they must ensure that goods arrive to the customer at the proper time.

Elevator doors – a Bühler Motor success story

Elevators are an aspect of our daily life that we cannot imagine doing without. Many people are not aware that sometimes there is a very deep elevator shaft behind a station door.

0% error tolerance – 100% cost awareness.

My name is Stefan Grüner, and I work in the Agriculture area of Sales at Bühler Motor. Agriculture has always been very important to me, and it had a great influence on me growing up.

Snacks and drinks for in between – drives for many years.

My name is Fabian Kraus, and I work in the Vending area of Sales at Bühler Motor. Are you looking for a reliable supplier for your various applications in the vending sector? Then we are just the right choice!

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