Due to the current development of the pandemic and extended measures, it will unfortunately not be possible to exhibit at the SPS show this year. We want to meet our responsibility to protect our employees, customers and partners in the present situation. Nevertheless, our sales team is pleased to help you with any questions you might have.


Building Automation

Elevator doors,
building doors,
platform screen doors,
locking devices



Steps, train doors,
bus doors



Seed planters,



Various applications e.g.
postal sorting, packaging
machines, dispensing


Medical Equipment

Infusion pumps,
medical tables,
dental chairs,
patient lifts

bMotion is Bühler Motor’s initiative for a completely innovative platform of new DC motors, gear boxes, brakes and encoders. Within this platform Bühler Motor offers pre-validated market specific combinations.

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Nov 24 2020

More than just a product

Applications are becoming more advanced and product requirements more complex. A customer-focused organization and solution-oriented consultation have become the most important...
Nov 24 2020

A Product for Every Need

Everyone knows that Buehler Motor offers High Performance DC Motors and Gear Motors for Competitive Prices with World-Class Service. What you may not know is the classes of...
Nov 23 2020

An innovative drive concept for micro-mobility

Urbanization, traffic chaos, and air pollution are acute problems of this decade which call for alternative drive solutions that are integral to zero-emission mobility concepts.
Nov 22 2020

We regulate it for you.

Intelligent drive controllers from Bühler Motors are the perfect complement to DC and EC motors, providing you with complete drive solutions for motion control that deliver...
Nov 22 2020

Modern production – State of the art

Sometimes, as a project manager in the Industrial segment, I envy my colleagues from the Automotive segment. Not necessarily when it comes to their tight schedules or price...
Nov 22 2020

One pump isn’t like another

Pumps can vary widely in their technical construction. There are centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, rotary pumps, peristaltic pumps, and many more. The requirements vary for...
Nov 22 2020

Engineering by Bühler Motor

We are often asked how Bühler Motor differs from the competition. Naturally, this is a very difficult question to answer, so instead I prefer to explain our understanding of...
Nov 22 2020

Not just for roller conveyors

Electric drives are the core of intralogistics. They move and guide the flow of goods through state-of-the-art distribution centers and warehouses. The reliability of these...
Nov 16 2020

Elevator doors – a Bühler Motor success story

Elevators are an aspect of our daily life that we cannot imagine doing without. Many people are not aware that sometimes there is a very deep elevator shaft behind a station...
Nov 16 2020

0% error tolerance – 100% cost awareness.

My name is Stefan Grüner, and I work in the Agriculture area of Sales at Bühler Motor. Agriculture has always been very important to me, and it had a great influence on me...
Nov 16 2020

Snacks and drinks for in between – drives for many years.

My name is Fabian Kraus, and I work in the Vending area of Sales at Bühler Motor. Are you looking for a reliable supplier for your various applications in the vending sector?...

A Comprehensive Approach
to DC Motor Selection.

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