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November, 2020

A Product for Every Need

Everyone knows that Buehler Motor offers High Performance DC Motors and Gear Motors for Competitive Prices with World-Class Service. What you may not know is the classes of products we offer. Buehler Motor offers three classes of products:

Standard Products – This includes both our Stock Service and our bMotion programs. Offering preconfigured motors and gearmotors ready for delivery in as quick as 48 hours, Buehler Motor’s Standard Products are a rapid path to sampling for new applications and also perfect for smaller volume applications where investment budgets are limited. These fully qualified and proven designs are your fast track to success!

Variants – Sometimes our Standard Products need a bit of a tweak to be perfect in your application. Perhaps you need a different motor winding. Maybe it’s a customer specific connector. Or perhaps you desire that a gear or pulley be assembled to the output shaft prior to delivery. All of these requests can be addressed with our Variant Program. Using our Standard Products as a basis, our Variant Program strives to address the smaller detail that are needed to ensure the perfect product for your application!

„Buehler Motor truly does offer a product for every need!“

Randy Davis

Customer Specific Development – If we are unable to meet your needs with either of the above programs, we still have a path to support your application. In this case, I mean a product developed 100% for your specific usage – fully optimized both commercially and technically. And with our global manufacturing infrastructure, we can build your specific drive in the best location to serve your needs. A truly optimized product just for you!

By offering these three classes of product, Buehler Motor is able to support all your DC Motor and gear motor requirements, from a single Stock Service gearmotor all the way to a million (and more) Custom Drivetrains. Buehler Motor truly does offer a product for every need.


From countless predefined variants …

… over easy customization to customized solutions.

What do you think about this? Let´s discuss!

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