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November, 2020

Elevator doors –

a Bühler Motor success story

Elevators are an aspect of our daily life that we cannot imagine doing without.

Many people are not aware that sometimes there is a very deep elevator shaft behind a station door. The job of the drive and its mechanism is to fulfill a number of requirements:

  • The inner and outer elevator doors together must reliably open and close for a product life of 1.5 million cycles in normal operation.
  • In emergencies, it must be possible for emergency personnel to open the inner door manually.
  • Under any circumstances, it must not be possible to open the station door when the cabin is not on the same floor level.

In addition, the drive must comply with extensive technical constraints, and this is checked in extensive testing – including tests under extreme climate conditions.

„We would be glad to talk to you about your specific application!“

Thomas Schubert

In particular, large producers of elevator systems attach great importance to a verifiably functioning quality system, and multi-day quality audits are generally the rule.

It is also necessary to verify functioning supply chains. They must be maintained to assure deliverability by the drive producer, even under difficult circumstances.

It should also be mentioned that a very competitive price is another requirement while maintaining a high level of deliverability.

We at Bühler Motor have succeeded in impressing both large and small scale producers of elevator systems with our products and our production system.


We would be glad to talk to you about your specific application!

Safety is one of the most important aspects for us when it comes to elevator doors.

With a proud lifetime of 1.5 million cycles our motor provides significant endurance.

What do you think about this? Let´s discuss!

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