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November, 2020

Not just for roller conveyors.

Highly efficient electric drives in logistics

Electric drives are the core of intralogistics. They move and guide the flow of goods through state-of-the-art distribution centers and warehouses. The reliability of these drives assumes top priority, because they must ensure that goods arrive to the customer at the proper time. However, this is not the only important requirement. The requirement for the responsible use of resources puts the ecological aspect of efficiency in the spotlight as well.

Motors of the EC62 and EC39 families are the right choice for applications in intralogistics due to their excellent dynamic response and efficiency. They can be combined with highly efficient planetary gears or rugged worm drives, and they impress with high degrees of efficiency and excellent service life. When used with BEI10 series speed sensors, they become power packs with sensitive control.

These characteristics are important in many different intralogistics applications: In the drive of a parcel switch gate in a roller conveyor, as a drive motor in a shelving storage and retrieval shuttle, or as a gripper drive to pull containers off the shelf or lift them, for example. It is even possible to use them to operate automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with payloads from 200 kg to 450 kg. The power output range of the motor families ranges from 60 to 260 watts of continuous power. Peak powers of up to 450 watts are possible.

„Motors of the EC62 and EC39 families are the right choice for applications in intralogistics due to their excellent dynamic response and efficiency.“

Arno Schieweck

The intelligent autonomous transport vehicles (here: from our partner WObit, …

… powered by our drive solutions for pulling or carrying goods.

Bühler Motor has developed a new gearless direct-drive concept as a possible replacement for expensive and complicated motor/gear unit combinations for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in intralogistics. A BLDC external rotor motor serves as the foundation here. It satisfies even stringent torque control requirements thanks to its integrated rotor position detection and field oriented control. It is easy to implement different motor sizes and customer-specific interfaces. The drive is also distinguished by very high efficiency, high torque density, low torque ripple, and very good acoustic properties.

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